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Keeping in touch with your customers is essential and email marketing can enable your business to touch hundreds or perhaps even thousands of customers or prospects with the touch of a button.

Joseph Creative © will help you with the copy and design and we will send out your email broadcasts on a regular basis.

Our emails are designed to be personal and interesting thus making sure that your customer or prospective customers feel engaged with you, in fact ,we will ensure that these emails form part of your company's relationship with them, that's how good and effective we can make them.

  • Up to 15,000 Business Contacts included - named contacts
  • Emails drafted by Joseph Creative
  • Emails sent weekly - 4 or 5 times a month
  • No Contract required
  • Up and running within days!

Cost £250 per month

There is no short cut to doing things in the right way, a process has to be followed and we will ensure that our tried and tested methods are deployed to maximise the replies you receive.

We will deliver monthly reports on how many emails are sent, opened and how many people clicked through to your website but the secret is that your customers and prospects will seriously engage with you by replying to your emails, it's amazing.


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