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Talent Finder

It’s now one of the most difficult aspects of business today, recruiting top quality talent.

Therefore, using our marketing communication skills we have launched our “Talent Finder” service with the primary aim of finding top quality talent for our customers at our fantastic low value for money fixed rates.

Talent Finder is the new way of finding talent for your business with a one-off fixed fee of £995 plus vat, no extra commission, no add on costs.

We estimate the average business would save around £5,000 per employee. 

  • No more large recruitment fees
  • Cut out the middleman
  • Fixed Rate low cost fee
  • Moneyback Guarantee
  • Targeted Applicants
  • Promote through your own brand

Here are ten FAQs about the Talent Finder service offered by Joseph Creative, with an investment starting at £995 plus VAT:

1. What is the Talent Finder service?
Talent Finder is a marketing communication service that helps businesses find top-quality talent using specialised marketing techniques at a fixed fee, without additional commissions or costs.

2. How much does the Talent Finder service cost?
The service is offered at a fixed fee of £995 plus VAT.

3. Are there any additional fees involved with the Talent Finder service?
No, there are no additional commissions or hidden costs beyond the fixed fee.

4. What benefits does the Talent Finder service offer over traditional recruitment agencies?
Talent Finder eliminates large recruitment fees, cuts out the middleman, and offers a cost-effective, fixed rate. It targets applicants specifically suited to your needs and promotes them through your own brand.

5. How does the Talent Finder service save costs for a business?
The service can save an average business approximately £5,000 per employee by avoiding traditional recruitment fees.

6. Is there a money-back guarantee with the Talent Finder service?
Yes, Joseph Creative offers a money-back guarantee with their Talent Finder service, enhancing customer confidence and satisfaction.

7. How can Talent Finder specifically target the right applicants for my business?
The service utilises Joseph Creative’s marketing communication skills to target and attract applicants that are well-suited to your specific business needs.

8. How do I contact Joseph Creative to discuss the Talent Finder service?
You can contact Joseph Creative via tour website contact form or by phone, 01733 822227, to discuss the Talent Finder service and how it can benefit your recruitment process.

9. Can I use the Talent Finder service for any type of business?
Yes, the Talent Finder service is versatile and can be customised to meet the recruitment needs of various types of businesses across different industries. We use LinkedIn to find the talent, so  itypically will not nopt for trades people.

10. How does the Talent Finder service integrate with my company’s branding?
The service promotes targeted applicants through your own personal LinkedIn account, maintaining your brand's integrity and ensuring that recruitment efforts are seamlessly integrated with your existing brand strategy.

These FAQs provide a comprehensive overview of the Talent Finder service offered by Joseph Creative, explaining its cost-effectiveness and benefits over traditional recruitment methods.


So, if you’ve tried everything and are still struggling to recruit and you are thinking about using a recruitment agency then stop and contact Joseph Creative to discuss our Talent Finder service.


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