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9 Top Google Adwords Tips

Apply These Top Tips for Improved Results From Google Adwords.

Google - Multiple Adverts

Don't just create one advert for Google to work with, you can create as many as you like per campaign and Google will work out which ones are the most successful, this is known as "Split Testing", start adding more adverts today and see the results, remove poor performing adverts and add new ones. repeat, repeat, repeat............

Google - Are you registered?

Are you registered with Google Plus? It's free and will help customers see where you are and who you are. Google will send a verification card in the post to you and then Google Maps will be activated. Type "Google My Business"

Google - Keywords Within Your Advert

When writing your adverts, always ensure that your top keywords are within your advert, this helps to ensure that your prospect can see what they have been searching for within your advert.

Google - Thin Content

Google does not like pages with very thin content, typically a page should contain at least 300 words and also a good representation of the keywords relating to that page, don't over use the keywords.

Use "Exact Matching" in Google Ads

Using Exact Matching can dramatically reduce the cost of Google advertising and therefore substantially improve your return on investment.

Google - One Page Per Service

When creating pages for your website, ensure that every product and service has it's own separate page, this will allow Google to see it and index it accordingly with the result being a higher ranking listing.

Google - Site Extensions

Site Extensions can be used to make your advert much larger, typically the advert is extended with - Contact Us - Meet The Team etc...these significantly improve on your click through rate, use them.

Google - Geographical Targeting

You can target your adverts to appear wherever you want within the UK, typically most companies will advertise locally to their business, you can do this by selecting your Town or City and then select radius marketing, say 25 miles and the advert will appear within 25 miles of your location.

Google Ads - Money

Concentrate your budget on a selected group of keywords. This will allow you to get a better ranking and more importantly get a return on your investment, a common mistake is to spread the budget too thinly.

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