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  • Work directly with Joseph, a multiple business owner with a vast experience in running successful SME's in the UK.
  • This is 1-2-1 coaching, either face to face, Skype, face-time or even just over the phone to one another.
  • If you come on board with Joseph you will get access to a huge amount of experience from sales through to business finance.
  • It's sometimes a lonely experience being a business leader and it really helps to be able to share your ideas and have someone outside your business test those ideas.


Where are you focusing your time?

We've listed below a few of the key business drivers that we will focus on:-

  • Turnover
  • Customer Retention
  • New Accounts
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Gross Profit 
  • Business Efficiency
  • General Overheads
  • Labour Costs
  • Direct Buying Costs

Each individual driver is significant in itself, but the absolute golden rule is that you need to be measuring these activities. Once you are measuring these areas you can assess if they are being affected either positively or negatively.

You have probably noticed that whenever you focus on one area you improve it. So, it's pretty simple, if we can regularly focus on the key drivers of the business in a disciplined manner we will improve the business substantially.

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