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Where is your 2021 business plan right now?

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5 March 2021

Where is your 2021 business plan right now? Is it in a drawer gathering dust? Perhaps it’s saved as a spreadsheet somewhere and you’ve not opened it once since you created it?

We are creatures of habit and even with the best intentions, we are unlikely to start reviewing our performance against a new plan and maintain that for a whole 365 days. 

This sadly means it’s likely your 2021 business plan might not see the light of day this year! 

But don’t worry, a 90-day plan is far more efficient anyway. 

Setting goals over a 3-month period means you are more likely to build your plan into your daily habits. You will find it easier to create time in your day to focus on what your goals are, rather than lose sight of them over the entire year.

My Consultancy and Mastermind Groups offer both technical and practical advice on how to achieve your business goals whilst also holding you accountable. This in turn means you’re likely to achieve far more than you would on your own!

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