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Welcome to my new “Marketing Notebook”.

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27 March 2022

Welcome to my new “Marketing Notebook”.

I hope you find the content interesting, informative and that it will inspire you to do great marketing within your business.

I will be picking new topics each week that will be following the fundamentals of making marketing work for your business.

In this first notebook I’m going to go through the “Vision” that you have for the business and also the “why”.

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So, let’s start with "Your Vision"

Your vision should cover a lot of varied elements that make up where you would like to see the business next year or indeed in the next 3 / 5 years.

Typical elements would include turnover targets for each of your services, the industry segments that you are looking to target. You should create a 12-month target but get very focused on the next 90 days, and indeed split that into monthly targets.

The vision should also be looking at the resources required to create the growth in the business, new team members, office/ factory space and capacity and one of my favourites, what technology may be required to deliver on your goals.

To have the vision is amazing, to really see what you would like your business to look like next year and thereafter, but the really important bit is to transfer that vision into a reality and to do that you need to create a strategy, that could come in the form of a business or marketing strategy and that could dovetail with your sales strategy.

The strategy is an overarching piece of work that documents exactly what you are going to do in principle, who is going to be responsible, and this document(s) will flow into your marketing plan and indeed the detailed tactics that you will be deploying to deliver on your goals.

What is underpinning your vision? What is the “WHY”. 

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Why are you looking to double your business?

The why will ultimately be the thing that will motivate you to deliver on your vision, the why could be a holiday home for your family in Spain, a yacht or a new sports car or even to sell your company and take early retirement.

In the next couple of weeks we will be looking at the target audience, the customer journey, looking at the marketing plan and tactics to deliver on your goals.

For now start to think about your "why"?


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