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Do You Know Your Customers Journey

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14 April 2022

This week we are looking at your customers journey and why understanding their behaviour is so important.

When we talk about the customer journey, we are essentially talking about their journey towards doing business with your company, where did they come from and how did they find our company?

It is vital that we know where every enquiry into our business came from, the best way to do this is to ask your customers how did they find you? and record that information so you can look at the statistics at the end of the period.

A top tip here is to ask on your website forms, where did they find out about you? and also have a box on your enquiry form that’s asks for the source of the enquiry.

This can be done with a drop-down box of options, typically, Google, email, referral, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Radio, TV. etc

Try and avoid having an “other” and certainly keep that away from the top of the list as it’s important people answer the question honesty and not just select the first option.

Knowing where an enquiry came from gives you the information you need in order to understand how your marketing efforts are working.

You may be spending money on Google Ads, and so knowing how many enquiries are coming from this source can make you consider spending even more money on this activity if lots of enquiries are flowing in.

Where did your customer come from?

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Once we know where the customer has come from, we need to dig deeper to understand the actual behaviour, the actual journey.

For example, a customer may say they found you from your website but of course the website is not like a high street shop, you don’t accidentally fall upon it.

We therefore need to dig deeper and understand how did they find the website?

Did they click on a Google ad?, did they find us organically on Google? (great SEO), did we direct to the website from Facebook or social media?

A great way to see this is using Google Analytics and this if configured correctly will identify exactly where all the traffic has come from.

But what are they searching for?

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Another critical element is knowing exactly what search terms customers are using to find you, by understanding these terminologies you can expand upon similar terms and further extend these type of enquiries.

This is commonly known as internal SEO but these keywords can be added to your Google Ads account to ensure you pick up more paid enquiries too.

This article is all about your customers journey, their behaviours but you can also encourage actions, for example making conscious efforts and specifically marketing intent to drive more and more visitors to your website.

The more activity and traffic you drive at your website then the more opportunities you are creating for your business.

Next week, we will look at converting visitors to paying customers.

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