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Are you settling for modest Business Growth?

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25 June 2021

Are you settling for modest Business Growth?

It’s funny because the majority of business owners want significant business growth but don’t make significant changes in their approach to get different results.

We all know the saying coined by Albert Einstein “Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results”

Be honest with yourself, is that you?

Do you need a game changer?

Firstly, understand what your goals are, I always like to set 90 days goals and the break down what it is that is required.

Second, maximise all your marketing activities and most importantly you must ensure this is happening and working like a machine.

Once you’ve assessed your goals and if you are already heavily active on your marketing then you may need the game changer?


So, what’s a game changer?

This can come in many different disguises, but I believe you need to look at yourself first.

Are you operating at the correct level to generate more business for your company?

Can you delegate more of your day to day activities onto another team member?

Could you employ an assistant / PA to give you the time to push the business forward?

Write done every job that you do and ask yourself should I be doing this?

The truth is you are probably the best ambassador and sales person for your business so stop messing around with non-business generating work, its simply crazy.

This is the game changer, get yourself back on the pitch.

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