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Are you machine gun marketing?

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7 May 2021

Are you machine gun marketing?
You may be getting some results but for sure you will be overspending on your marketing budget and worse you could be looking desperate.
Put down your machine gun and start to segment out your prospects and customers and identify the audience for your marketing messages.
If you’re sending to prospects, then understand how to message them.
• 3% ready to buy
• 7% might buy soon
• 30% would like to buy but not right now
• 30% not interested
• 30% never will be interested
So, as you can see from the above, 40% of the market have an interest in your services, it is therefore essential that we try to keep that 40% engaged, don’t be tricked into trying to hard sell into the 3%.
Most businesses will try and hunt fort the 3% but this approach will disenfranchise the majority of the audience will soon use up your goodwill and make continued marketing activities much more difficult.
You should consider a more engaging, inspiration and educational approach with added value for your audience, this will keep the majority engaged with you and create a serious amount of goodwill, this approach is less like hunting and more like farming and will bring a much more consistent flow of enquires.

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