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Does your brand need an evolution or revolution?

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9 July 2021

Does your brand need an evolution or revolution?

This will depend on whether you have a clear understanding of your brands positioning.

When you set up your business you may have had a different idea about the direction and now your brand doesn’t seem to represent you or your values. 

There is a huge amount going on when we discuss brand perception:

  • Colour Science
  • Fonts
  • Psychology

These elements lead the customer into where they perceive your brand.

Cheap and cheerful or expensive high end?

Environmentally friendly, corporate, unprofessional?

When you start to look at it in these terms then it’s a very serious matter and will have the most significant impact on your business if you get it wrong.

This is why you see the major corporations just make evolutionary changes to their brands as the consequences could be lethal to their business, these same consequences exist to your business too.

If you would like to know more about brand positioning, brand awareness and brand recall then join me on 20th July for our next free event.

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