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5 Interesting Things You Didn't Know About Facebook.

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16 November 2018

5 interesting things you didn’t know about Facebook.

Today I’m going to be letting you in on a few fun facts you didn’t know about Facebook. Here we go:

Facebook -logo -red

1. Facebook is blue because the creator Mark Zuckerberg suffers from red- green colour blindness. How interesting! Mark said to a news reporter once “Blue is the richest colour for me – I can see all of blue.” I can’t imagine a red Facebook, can you?


2. Right, we’ve all been poked by someone on Facebook, right? Usually someone you don’t know, either that or like your grandma… anyway, the reason for poking someone on Facebook hasn’t ever been defined. Is it a simple hi? Or maybe Mark Zuckerberg was just bored and decided to add something a bit random?  Facebook give us answers!

Phone 1

3. More than 1 billion people access Facebook on a mobile device, on a monthly basis. How crazy, that’s about 1/7 of planet earth all on Facebook!


4. You can show your ‘friends’ how to actually pronounce your name. It’s also very simple, go to your profile page, then About, click Details About You, then under Name pronunciation, click "How do you say your name?" and bang, everyone knows how to pronounce your name.


5. Facebook has 2.2 billion users. That is bigger than the population of China. (1.36 billion).

Feeling as if you now know the ins and outs of everything Facebook? If you struggle with running your social media, perhaps you don’t have the time or aren’t all that tech-savvy but know how much it would benefit your business. Contact us here at Joseph Creative on 01733 822227, our friendly team would LOVE to chat!

 Blog post by Lottie Munnings

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