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What Instagram Thinks You Like!

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25 June 2019

Getting Strange Ads? Find out what Instagram thinks you’re interested in.  

Interested in knowing what your Instagram thinks you like? Follow these steps and you’re bound to find a list of celebrities you’ve never heard of, places you’ve never visited and hobbies you’ve never even tried. This list is what controls the sponsored posts you see regularly on your feed. So how does Instagram determine what you’re interested in?

Instagram says that the ad interests we’re all seeing are generated from a handful of sources, including people that you follow and the images and videos you tap that heart button on or write a comment on. Okay, this bit’s a little scary!  To gather information, Instagram also uses data from your Facebook account — including details such as your age and education — and will even track the websites that you visit and the apps that you use.

However, Instagram isn’t secretive about this list and it’s actually very easy to find. Head over to settings, click onto the Privacy and Security and then tap on view account data, scroll down to Ad Interests and click View All.

Here you will find a long list of what Instagram thinks you’re interested in. So, if you’ve ever liked a picture of a dog or a photo captured in France, simply because you liked the shot, you’ll probably find these random topics on your list!

Go and check yours out now!  

Blog post by Lottie Munnings

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