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Struggling with Sales & Marketing

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9 August 2019

Are you struggling with the Sales & Marketing functions of your business but can't afford to hire a full time director to look after it yet?

One day per week or one day per month, you decide, no long contracts.

I'll inject a huge amount of energy into your business overnight.

I have hands on experience to set up your entire sales and marketing process, working with SME’s in this function for the past 25 years.

I can strip back your sales and marketing processes back to basics then introduce the latest smart technologies to delivery performance in the fasted time possible.

So, what do I do?



·  Set targets for the team, company and individuals

·  KPI's for the business

·  Motivate the sales staff

·  Create a sale’s driven accountability ethos

·  Review your entire sales process from enquiry to the close

·  Identify any weaknesses and ensure this process is robust, recorded and most of all disciplined

·  Coach sales staff to help them close out deals both inbound and outbound

·  Ensure the technology is helping the team and the company maximise the opportunities.

·  Identify low hanging fruit for quick wins

·  Monitor win success percentages

·  Create a sustainable sales strategy

·  Create Monthly reports demonstrating what success looks like



·  Review the entire marketing process

·  Eliminate anything that cannot be measured

·  Stop anything that is not working

·  Record all enquiries and the source

·  Set targets for the number of enquires the company is trying to achieve

·  Create ideas to achieve more enquires

·  Identify low hanging fruit for immediate success

·  Assess technology benefits

·  Establish ROI measurements

·  Create a marketing strategy

·  Create clear pathway for sales and marketing to be working together

·  Create Monthly reports demonstrating what success looks like


This is just an overview of what I can implement within your company, but with attention to detail, a track record for success and a huge amount of energy why don’t you give me a call, email me or message me to start a conversation.

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