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True or false: SEO is dead…

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24 March 2021

True or false: SEO is dead…

In terms of trying to get to the topspot on Google then yes, SEO is completely dead. Kaput. Beyond the veil. It’s bitten the dust.

The reason being, the top 4 spots are for Google Ads only and they are the spots that generate the
biggest revenues for businesses.

There are however, some basic things you could be doing to improve your ranking.

Google uses a system known as PageRank, named after Larry Page Co-Founder of Google.

PageRank ensures all search results on Google are of the highest quality and relevance.

So, what do you need to do?

⭐️ Ensure every service you offer has a separate page
⭐️ The URL should include the service you are offering eg. www.josephcreative/websitedesign
⭐️ The actual page headline (known as H1) should be the main keywords of your service eg. Website Design
⭐️ Top quality content (min 300 words) about your service will include around 3% use of the keywords
⭐️ Ensure you have tagged all the images with your services and ensure all pages have meta tags assigned (this is done within the backend of your website)

For more hints on how to improve your Google ranking, visit my events webpage for some helpful presentation slides.

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