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Stand Out FromThe Crowd

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12 May 2022

This week we are going to discuss “Standing Out From The Crowd” and truly understanding your USP.(Unique Selling Point)

When I ask my clients what is your USP? They can really struggle to identify what it is that makes their business unique.

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Very often they may answer, “we produce a quality product/service, with fast delivery at an affordable price”, but that is a prerequisite for any business and is expected by your customer. Therefore, by saying these things you are just the same as any other business and far from standing out you are actually just spouting out the same as everyone else.

You therefore really need to think hard about what makes your business stand out and why should a potential new customer work with your business.

Why is standing out so important?

If your business is not standing out then there could be a number of different consequences as below but not limited to:

·     Competing on price with everyone else

·     Invisibility as can’t be seen for other competitors

·     Lack of visibility makes you reduce your prices

·     Attracting the wrong type of customer

·     Not attracting the best customers

Look at this from apple with their lower priced Apple SE phone:

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The product is a lower specification than say their Model 13 but using powerful emotion to attract you to buy the product.”Love”

So, how can you stand out in your business from every other competitor?

The clue is in the name USP – Unique!!

What is unique about your business?

·     You

·     Your people

·     Your service?

·     Your Products?

·     Your Values?

·     The customer experience

·     Your brand identity

·     Your Attitude

·     Your Authenticity

In an SME the business leader can very often be the very reason why customers will flock to you and your brand, of course the leader’s personality, flamboyance and charisma is unique and impossible to replicate. Richard Branson is a great example of how Virgin have created one of the most powerful brands on the planet.

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How authentic you are about your brand values is critical when standing out from the crowd, your values as just words are meaningless and they need to be backed up with the way you and your business acts, particularly when the pressure is on.

I you would like to know about your company and personal brand then feel free to drop a message or email to

Next week I’m going to be discussing Focus and 90-day planning.

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