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Do you want to get to number 1 on Google for your services?

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19 July 2021

Do you want to get to number 1 on Google for your services?

A lot of companies claim they can do this for you, but the truth is most are just lying.

So, what is the secret?

There are no short cuts, and the first thing is:

Your Website

Google will search your website to see how well it matches the searches that are being made on it.

There are potentially millions of search returns that Google can give to the person searching for a service, so why will it show your services?

Irrespective of whether you are paying for Google ads (PPC) or looking for organic traffic, the number 1 golden rule with Google is that your pages must be highly relevant to the search being made.

Page relevance is KING and therefore a lot of attention to detail is important if you want to rank highly.

Here are a few areas that you should be concentrating on:

· SEO enhanced

· Meta Tagged

· 1 page per service

· URL service Optimised

· Keyword optimised

· Quality relevant content

· Active blogs

· Social media integration

· Quality Score (Google Ads)

· Keep updating your website


Website Traffic

This is self-perpetuating, but the more traffic you drive to your website the more Google will drive traffic to your website.

Website traffic is a fundamental driver that Google uses to understand that the keywords being searched are truly relevant and high visitor numbers essentially collaborate that.

How to drive traffic to your website?

· Google Paid Ads – PPC

· Blogs – share your blogs onto social media

· Organic social media – link posts to your website

· Paid social media – pay for traffic to go to your website

· Create value for visitors to go to your website.

· Advertise your website.


Number 1

So, to get to number 1 you have to master the above and if you are offering a very niche service with very little competition then Google will show you number 1, this is because you have optimised your website for the services being shown.

However, for most companies we will have competition and in this instance, you may not even show on page 1 as Google will priorities paid advertisers over your pages.

Remember Google is a advertising platform, that’s how they make money.

Google Paid Ads still have to be highly relevant otherwise they will not be shown, so all the above is relevant for paid ads too.


Google is one of the only attraction marketing activities and I always ask the question why would you not want to be number 1 when someone is searching for your services?

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