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14 April 2020

Boost Your Digital Presence!

At Joseph Creative Business, we are here to help guide you through these uncertain times. Boosting and maintaining your digital presence while in times of lockdown will allow your customers and prospects to remember the products and services you offer. Here are 5 top tips on how you can boost your online presence:

 1.    Optimising Your Website:

A website is the shopfront of your business. Statistically, 90% of prospects will visit your website to further their knowledge of your products and gain insight into your business. Therefore, having a professionally designed website will boost your chances of gaining clients.

Start working on your website and understand that it doesn’t have to be so fancy or complicated. A simple site with a few pages to showcase your work, contact info, a biography, testimonials, and a blog is more than enough. Optimise your website by making it fit with your brand image, ensuring mobile optimisation and assure that it’s easy on the eyes with up to date information. Whether you're looking for a content managed brochure style to showcase your business and services, a more in-depth product-based website or an integrated e-commerce platform, Joseph Creative can help.

 2.    A Business Blog

 Blogging is a very effective solution to boosting your online presence. The content you produce for your blogs should be well-written, relevant to your target audience and engaging. Update your blog regularly and add up to date information. This can help with your SEO ranking. Eventually resulting in higher website traffic, generating leads and an increase in conversation rate.

 3.    Social Media

When choosing which social media platforms you should post on, you should always consider the following: Who is my target audience and where do they hang out? If you specialise in B2B then LinkedIn is the ideal platform. LinkedIn is growing rapidly and since been taken over by Microsoft it has grown by 26%. It is becoming the ideal platform for all B2B business to be made. Whereas on the other hand Facebook, Instagram & Twitter are ideal for B2C businesses.

 4.    Email Marketing

Email marketing is again another great way of interacting with clients/prospectors. Creating email campaigns can be deemed as quite a scary job however there very straight forward. When creating an email campaign you should consider the following:

  • Who is my target audience – (existing clients, new subscribers or prospectors)
  • What is my message going to be? -  Be as personal as possible!
  • What is a good time to send an email?
  • Am I analysing data from the emails I send out?

 5.    Brand Image

A brand is not just a logo, it's the core of your business. Your brand needs to be special, unique and have all of your values built into it. By building your brand correctly it will build your business! Getting the message correct when creating your brand is also very important as it will portray your business. Recognise your audience and be creative when building your brand.

Within Digital Marketing, there are 18 methods of communication with your clients. 

In our next blog, we will be covering off a few of these and see how we can help you make sure you're using all 18!

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