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9 Website Essentials To Increase Your Business Enquiries

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17 October 2022

We often overlook our website but with it working 365 days and 24 hours per day we really should be giving it much more attention.


I’ve listed below 9 Top ways to get more business enquiries from your website.


 1. Page Speed

Critically important that your pages load fast than 2 seconds, below this Google will penalise your results and visitors will not wait for you pages to load.

 2. Chat Software

Using chat software to interact with your visitors will significantly increase your business conversions – Hubspot have a fantastic free option 

 3. Callback 

Add a callback button onto your website, this allows the customer to fill in a simple contact form and you can them call them back.

 4. Contact Us

Add a contact form onto each of your website service pages, making it easier for the visitor to contact your business.

This should always be at the top right of the page, don’t move it.

 5. Mobile Optimisation

There is quite a lot of things to do here buy go onto your website from your mobile right now and check if you are enjoying the experience.

Loom out for easy contact button and check that it is really easy to find your telephone number.  In an ideal world make sure your telephone number and brand have a locked screen and are visible at all times.

 6. One Page Per Service

Very often website have all their services crammed onto one or two pages but it’s essential for Google that every core service has its own page, this will maximise how friendly it is to both the visitor and Google.

 7. Modern Looking Website

It may seem obvious but if your website looks old fashioned it will have a very severe impact on your conversions. Upgrade and improve is essential as nothing else will work until your website looks good.

 8. Blog

Writing and sharing blogs are a great way of telling your visitors that you still exisit and also by sharing these blogs ointo your social media platforms you can generate more traffic to your website.

 9. Website Traffic

Website traffic is probably the number one area that will impact on your business enquiries, the more traffic the more likely you are to do business.

The main ways to do this are Google Ads, Social Media links, blogs, back links form quality sources.



I hope these types have been useful and follow us for more top tips.



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