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What's Next in Your Enquiry Process

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1 June 2023


In today's fast-paced business world, efficiently managing the journey from enquiry to order is crucial for companies to stay competitive and provide exceptional customer service. A well-structured workflow ensures that every enquiry is handled promptly and effectively, maximising the chances of converting leads into satisfied customers. Today, we will explore the key steps involved in the enquiry to order process and how implementing a streamlined workflow can lead to improved outcomes and customer satisfaction.

Step 1: Enquiry 

The first step in the process is the initiation of an enquiry. Customers can reach out through various channels, including email, phone calls, website forms, or even in-person visits. By promptly recording the enquiry into your CRM system, companies can keep track of each customer interaction, ensuring no enquiry falls through the cracks. Its key to record the source of each enquiry. 

Step 2: Enquiry Assessment and Qualification

Once an enquiry is received, it's important to assess its feasibility. The sales team carefully reviews the provided information and determines whether the company can fulfil the customer's requirements. If any additional details are needed, the team proactively contacts the customer, demonstrating a commitment to understanding their needs.

Step 3: Proposal Preparation

If the enquiry is deemed feasible, the sales team prepares a comprehensive proposal. This proposal includes a detailed description of the product or service, pricing information, terms and conditions, and any other relevant details. Personalising the proposal to address the specific requirements outlined in the enquiry increases the chances of capturing the customer's interest.

Take care to ensure your proposal is designed to impress your potential new client and offers all the necessary information they will need to make a decision.

Step 4: Proposal Submission

The proposal is then submitted to the customer, ensuring it reaches them through their preferred communication channel. Whether it's email, physical mail, or a dedicated proposal submission portal, the goal is to provide a seamless experience for the customer. Additionally, setting a reasonable deadline for the customer to review the proposal helps maintain a sense of urgency while allowing them ample time for consideration.

These proposals now form your sales pipeline, and each deal should have a % probability applied to them. Your business can now see the predicted future sales value of your pipeline.

Step 5: Proposal Follow-up

Following up with the customer after the proposal submission is vital to keep the communication flowing. The sales team reaches out to ensure the proposal was received and to address any questions or concerns the customer may have. Proactive engagement and active listening help build trust and confidence, ultimately strengthening the customer relationship, there should be a constant follow up on the customer record. 

Step 6: Negotiation and Confirmation

If the customer expresses interest in proceeding, the sales team initiates negotiation discussions. This stage involves finding a mutually agreeable solution, whether it's negotiating pricing, adjusting terms, or addressing specific customer requests. Once both parties reach a consensus, an order confirmation document is prepared, documenting the agreed-upon details.

Step 7: Close the deal on your CRM

Once you have received the order it can be marked as “Closed Won”, should you not be able to proceed then the deal should be marked “Closed lost” and a reason given for why you were not able to proceed.

Step 8: Measure Your Conversion Rates

Your business should be recording all enquiries and having a closed status on all deals will give you a conversion rate for every enquiry.


All these stages should form part of your workflow process within your CRM, a good CRM system can easily manage all these processes and much more 


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