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The Truth about LinkedIn Marketing

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14 October 2020

The Truth about LinkedIn Marketing

A very common question that is frequently asked to us is does LinkedIn lead generation work?

There has always been a grey area around LinkedIn marketing and whether the fact of does it work and is it ethical.

With recent research proving that email marketing has dropped massively and is no longer a productive form of marketing. The attention has now swiftly moved to LinkedIn as this is the ideal platform to connect with your ideal target audience and offer them your services in a softer manor. With the use of sales navigator on LinkedIn, you can set sales preference to your target audience to send them connection requests. Alongside a connection request, we recommend you send them a connection note offering to them your services and products.

When drafting a connection note, we highly advise to keep the note soft touching yet engaging to help start a conversation. By keeping the note soft touch, you will avoid hard selling and will help steer the conversation. Adding a call to action to the connection note will also help you generate a conversation to turn into a lead.

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