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Social Media 

In recent years Social Media has exploded onto the scene, with main interest coming from Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube to name a few. If you are a consumer facing business then you really need to be working in this arena as you can be assured that your competitors are.

It is essential that you understand what you are hoping to achieve from Social Media and we will help you achieve your targets.

We have 3 Social Media Packages available:-

  • "The Starter"
  • "The Mover"
  • "The Shaker"

Each bundle offers the best and latest techniques to increase following and presence. We will set up an initial meeting either over the phone, skype, or face-to-face- whichever works for you! This initial informal meeting will consist of learning about your company, which goals need to be achieved and how we can accomplish them through social media. From this, we can tailor our offer to best suit your needs. 

Plus… no long scary contracts!

What do you get for your money, well all of the following depending on your package.

Platform Creation

We can create a fully functioning social media page. We will advise which platforms will work the best for your organisation, however we offer the following sites: 

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • YouTube

Platform Monitoring

Once your shiny new platform is set up we will look after it and help it grow. However, if you already have a site set up that you would prefer us to maintain - we are more than happy to do so! 

Follower Analysis and Growth

As your following begins to grow we will provide a full analysis of who is following you, where they are, if they are interacting, if they are buying, and try find who un-follows you.

Monthly Analysis 

We like to keep you in the loop, so we will send you a monthly update on how your socials are going. This will include engagements, insights, highlights, follower growth and the reach of your posts. 

Creative Posting

Our posts will always be articulated, creative, and perfectly timed in order to grab the attention from the right customer. The team will find the best way to show off the content you have created (or we have created with the Shaker package), and plan ahead so posts are always sent out at the best times to maximise opportunity to get your organisation seen. 

Customer Interaction

Interaction from customers is expected and wanted! This is why we will let you know when someone has interacted with the page that needs attention that we cannot respond to. When we can respond we will! All responding and interaction terms will be agreed between you and Joseph Creative.

Paid Promotional Marketing

Promotional posting is a great way to directly send posts to your target market, and we know all the tricks to make it happen. We will work to whatever your budget is, so the amount of posts is up to you!

Monthly Social Strategy

From your initial contact, we will get to know your company inside out (like we’ve worked there for years!). Then, we’ll sit down with you to listen to your ideas, goals and objectives that your company need to achieve. From here, your account manager and yourself will build a flexible, working strategy. 

 Any good strategy is target driven and completely flexible to deal with the everything that’s thrown at a business. Therefore, our account managers are constantly on the move, keeping up to date with the world and your business to construct a social media campaign that will stand the tests of time. From the initial start-up meeting, to monthly reports, our strategies are always aiming to achieve the aims and objectives that are crucial to a company’s success.  

 Your very own Content Calendar will be created for the next month. In this will be all the events that are associated with the business, and all the posts that will be scheduled by the account manager and signed off by the client.

Competitor Analysis

Having one eye on your competition will never hurt, however it does take time…so let us do it for you! All we ask from you is that you provide us with a list of up to 10 major competitors and we will do all the hard work for you.

From that, we will investigate all they’re social media platforms, see how well they are doing, and note which posts have been particularly successful.

Competitor Strategy

From the analysis, we will then put together a tailored strategy to put you way ahead of the crowd.

Reactive Posts

We understand that not everything can run to a schedule, that is why we have incorporated our ‘Reactive Posts’ package. This means that if there were anything to happen in or around the business we can post about it! E.G. Road closures, events, or anything you think your followers need to be aware of.

1-2-1 Coaching with your personal account manager

This product is designed to give you the right hints and tips to boost your online social presence. The way this works is via a phone call, or skype (max 30mins) to give you the low down on all things social media… and how you can use this to better your content.

Your personal account manager will also provide you with a detailed analysis of the previous month, complete with advice and an action plan for the coming month.

Content Creation

What is it? Well, we understand that most of our clients are very, very busy people and therefore don’t have time to find content to post online. This is where we come in- we can create it for you! 

Your account manager will be in charge of creating the most exciting content your company can provide. They will be hands on in their approach to find the really good stuff that will develop and boost you e-reputation. This will involve your personal account manager visiting and collecting any photos videos / articles/ news/ facts that will be relevant to your organisation. 


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