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SEO & Google Ranking Services...

We cover many different aspects with SEO and our services will provide you with the following:

Search Engine Ranking

Joseph Creative © will improve your ranking using safe SEO methods, in the industry we call this White Hat SEO, this is really important as we do this manually to ensure everything we do promotes your website and does not damage your site with the use of spam techniques.

Web Audit

Joseph Creative © will audit your current site, looking for factors that affect your ranking, duplicate content, spelling errors, back links, web page optimisation.

Competitor Analysis

We will compare your direct competitors to your results, we can see exactly what they are doing and help you stay one step ahead of them, that includes their keywords, Google Adwords results, back links and many more.

Google Analytics

Joseph Creative © will work with Google analytics to review your website and we can view everywhere each visitor clicked and where they have come from.

We can combine your Google Adwords, social media and organic traffic into one client report so we can see exactly what is happening with your website and design more opportunities based upon what is being successful already.

We will provide high quality reporting on where your customers are visiting, which pages they are viewing, what exact areas they are clicking on and geographically where they are coming from.

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