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10 Essential Digital Marketing Strategies

Below you will see the 10 most effective digital marketing stategies working for our clients in 2017.

The golden rule when generating leads for your business is that you record exactly where every lead has come from, we call it "The Source".

Google Adwords

Google Adwords works on a pay per click cost structure, this means your adverts are shown for FREE and you only incur costs when someone clicks on your advert. It is estimated 97% of all searches on the internet are performed using Google, this therefore means that it is one of the most important tools to have. Visitors coming from Google are looking for your services and we call this attraction marketing, they are looking and you are showing. This type of marketing is simply unbeatable.

Social Media

Whether you are in B2B or dealing directly with consumers then Social Media Marketing should be part of your marketing tools. Facebook in the UK has an estimated 30 Million users and on average they are spending 30 minutes looking at their account. It is possible to specify the age group, gender and location for your adverts and you can even target your services to people who have an interest in your services. You may not want to get involved personally but your business must get involved. This is an extremely low cost activity that can create some amazing results. Take the plunge and get involved.

Email Marketing

If you are selling B2B then email marketing is still one of the most effective methods of delivering leads into your business. using a high quality database and delivering useful messages about your services can result in a regular flow of new customers on a weekly basis. All your emails should be directed at the decision maker and most importantly they must be personally addressed and signed off by a real person in your business too. Your emails should be sent regularly and at a time of day that you potential customers will have time to read and absorb. Avoid using too many graphics. Get started today.


You are probably sitting with hundreds of contacts in Linkedin but you are not really posting very much. These contacts are invaluable and the next work of contacts could be as large as 2 or 3 million contacts. Make time to create interesting posts about your company, your services and think about what might engage new customers to contact you. This is a very powerful too, use it.


When you are performing different types of methods to drive traffic to your website, you will start collecting data. This would include data from your email marketing activities. You will actually know who is visiting your website and what they are looking at and for how long they are looking. These potential customers are following what we call "Patterns Of Behaviour". Simply put they are following a path that your previous customers have trodden. These potential customers have received marketing emails and other activities from your company and have also visited your website, they have shown an interest in your company and services, they are therefore primed to receive a call from you. Don't delay start calling them today!

Pot Of Gold

This is your existing group of customers, you may have many types of services or products that your customers are interested in but they may only see you as a one product or service solution. This is an extremely common issue and it will take an extensive amount of advertising to your existing customers to show them what your company has to offer. This can typically be done by databasing your customers and emailing them, sending them literature etc. Remember they are already your customer and that makes it much easier to sell your products and services. Thats why we call them your "Pot Of Gold". Be careful and personal when contacting your existing customers, ensure your database is segmented in order that they so not receive information about services or products they already buy from you.

Keep Prospecting

If you want your business to keep growing it is essential you have a system that allows for your company to continually adding new prospects into your taggert wish list of new customers. 90% of businesses do not do this regularly and as a result their business is like a rollercoaster. Regular prospecting will bring regular leads into your company and this will ensure that your business is on a upward growth trajectory. Use the internet, your local papers and online search directories for companies that you would like to do business with. Start today and watch the leads increase.

Website Visitor Tracking

Did you know you can capture at least 30% of customers that are visiting your website? Simply place some tracking code onto your website and this will alert you to all visitors as they arrive. This is for B2B use only and operates with companies that have a fixed IP address.

Use a CRM System (Customer Relationship Management)

There are plenty of CRM systems out on the market place today and if you are having regular contact with prospects and customers it is essential you keep a track of these activities. A good CRM system will keep track of all your customer contact activity including monitoring all your quotes, typically a CRM system will create a pipeline of quotes and show your success in converting quotes into new business. Customer task and activities can be scheduled to ensure that nothing is missed and the systems will even email you to advise you what needs to be done, so you can't forget. A good free system is:

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